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Many people think that custom cabinets are much more expensive than prefab systems. This simply is not true. Most custom cabinet makers wouldn't consider building a system utilizing the shoddy materials and methods that prefab manufacturers apply. My custom cabinets are better built and competitively priced.

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What My Customers Say
I offer my customers the best materials to match the look, feel, and functionality they want in a piece of furniture or cabinet system. I use only top grade materials, top of the line hardware, and employ a three-step finish process that will guarantee a product of heirloom quality. In the hands of a master craftsman, this result in truly wonderful products that are uniquely yours.

About Geppetto's
I first glimpsed my future in woodworking while attending Drummond High School. My shop teacher recognized in me what he considered to be a gift for working with wood and consequently allowed me a great deal of latitude on projects that he felt would challenge and stimulate my budding talent.

Contact Geppetto's
I truly love what I do and I won't put my name on anything that doesn't meet my standard of quality and workmanship. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to meeting with you to discuss your needs in detail.

Remember - If you can dream it, I can build it!

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