About Geppetto's

Geppetto was the Italian woodworker that carved Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who later became a real boy. The name Geppetto's embodies the spirit of bringing wood to life; this is an essential element in helping you to create the kind of space in which you want to live. During the process of identifying your needs and preferences as a family, Geppetto's will strive to develop a functional and beautiful environment that will convey something about who you are.

My experiences (in Italy, as a construction management student at Brigham Young University, as the production manager at Clever Craft Cabinets, and as the operations manager at Intermountain Wood Products) have provided me with a depth of knowledge about materials, art, processes, and people to facilitate a cabinet or furniture system that will reflect your view of the world as expressed within the walls of your home.

I utilize the best wood working tools available and continually upgrade my shop in order to continuously improve the quality, finish and functionality of Geppetto's cabinet and furniture systems. You won't find a cabinet system anywhere that exceeds the fit, finish and attention to detail found in every aspect of a Geppetto's system. During my tenure at Intermountain Wood Products, I learned about a wide variety of woods from the ordinary to the exotic. I learned about their characteristics, limitations and idiosyncrasies. I can recommend and source unusual and exotic woods that some cabinetmakers have never seen. I also stay abreast of the latest innovations in hardware and unusual designs. So if you are dreaming of a unique or unusual cabinet or furniture system and need some help in making that dream a reality, let Geppetto's assist you.

Geppetto's has been tremendously successful and has grown beyond my ability to meet the demands of customers attracted by my philosophy and the recommendations of those that I have served. I have found an apprentice to assist in helping me bring wood to life in accordance with the dreams and visions of my customers. I wouldn't bring on an employee because this is not a 9 to 5 kind of business. I wanted someone with a passion for the wood and the people, someone with an interest in making more than a paycheck, someone with a bent for dreams. I found David Parke. David is a long time friend (we played basketball together at Drummond High School), he attended BYU Idaho, spent some time in Brazil and has the attitude, the work ethic and the aptitude to become a master craftsman and is moving daily toward that goal. I would never trust my business or your dreams to anyone who wouldn't share our dreams or vision. I welcome David as a partner and you as a potential customer with a dream to Geppetto's.

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